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toledo production EMU Eagles Visited Chrysler's Toledo Supplier Park for KUKA Toledo Production Operations ( More info..)
3rd price EMU Students Attended APICS Case Competition in Chicago (More info..)
3rd price EMU Students Attended Schneider Logistics Project (More info..).
2nd price SCM Students Top Major Powers to Finish Second in Supply Chain Competition (More info..)

Faculty Publication

2010 Association of Marketing Theory and Practice (AMTP) Conference Faculty Winners — EMU Professors Harash J. Sachdev and Russ Merz submitted and Dr. Merz presented their paper, “Organization Structure and Service Capabilities as Predictors of Supply Chain Performance: B2B Seller’s Perspective” at the 2010 (AMTP) Conference in South Carolina. Their paper won for Authors of Best Papers in Track in the Supply Chain Management/International Marketing/Business to Business Marketing category and the Ponzurick Award for Best in Conference.

Professor Dawn Pearcy had her paper, “Examining Community-based Tourism Entrepreneurship as a Means of Addressing Sustainability: The Case of Jamaica as an example for the Caribbean” published in the proceedings of: International Conference on Sustainable Tourism: Issues, Debates and Challenges. Crete, Greece.

Professor Huei Lee's (co-authored with Yang and Qin) paper."Coordination of perishable product returns with imbalance information," was published in International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development.  Professor Lee also serves as the proceedings editor for the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance Preconference in Atlanta, 2010 and 2011.

"Supply Chain Management has been an emerging field and there were few universities in the world that offer the SCM curriculum. We now have that. This is a great opportunity for EMU to be recognized as a benchmark in a field that is recognized globally."

Tom Sidlik, EMU regent and retired head of procurement and supply chain management for Daimler/Chrysler
What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?
SCM integrates the business process involved in the design of products, the procurement and delivery of materials, production operations, the distribution of materials to end-users, and the management of the relationship with the customers.

Why SCM?
"There is a growing need for degreed professionals at all levels of responsibility in logistics”. Source: “Logistics in Demand”, (2006) Traffic World, p. 1 (no author, volume, or issue listed).

“With supply chains used as a competitive weapon, corporations are scouring campuses for talent to manage everything from global networks to regional distribution chains”. Source: “Logistics in Demand” article listed above.

Purchasing Magazines 26th annual salary survey shows compensation for supply management professionals rising by 6% in 2006 over 2005, while most salaries are increasing at about the pace of the rate of inflation. Source: Avery, Susan (2006) “Purchasing paychecks get fatter,” Purchasing, 135(18), p. 36

More buyers than ever are receiving bonuses (63%) of those surveyed received approximately 14% of their salaries in bonuses. Source: Avery, Susan (2006) “Purchasing paychecks get fatter,” Purchasing, 135(18), p. 36.

“With the economy holding steady and the current generation of logistics professionals getting ready to retire, demand for logistics talent will only increase”. Source: Berman, Jeff (2006) “Salaries come back to Earth,” Logistics Management, 45(3), pp. 28-32.

Why Eastern Michigan University?
EMU’s SCM programs are different in three substantial ways.

First, they are more of an applied than theoretical programs. We worked closely with supply chain management professionals to determine what goes into every course.

Secondly, the program has a global orientation.The developers of the program wanted to take advantage of the international expertise within the College of Business. The college has a large number of international students and a strong international business program. One of the required courses is international business and another is a global supply chain management course. Conducting business in a global environment is a common theme throughout the program.

The third thing that differentiates this program is that its an integrated program with a sufficient number of electives allowing students to pursue different career paths such as international business, retailing, purchasing, logistics, operations management and information systems. We also find that students interested in foreign languages can use supply chain management as a foundation to enter businesses in other nations".

With so many companies downsizing, the demand for these types of jobs increases to manage the flow of these materials throughout the world. We are providing skills to take advantage of the globalization of business.

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